3D Printed Heads Can Fool Android Face Unlock, But not Apple’s Face ID, test Reveals


Ever since Apple had introduced Face ID with its 10th anniversary iPhone X, it had pushed several Android device makers to put face unlock authentication on almost every Android device in the market. While Apple had wholly ditched the fingerprint Touch ID entirely by relying on Face ID, Android device makers had introduced Face Unlock as more of an option and a secondary authentication system and still relies on either fingerprint/PIN/Pattern as primary authentication. That said, how secure is the Face Unlock on Android, when compared to Apple’s Face ID?

Well, folks at Forbes have tested the same by using few of the most popular Android devices that include – the Samsung Galaxy S9, Note 8, the OnePlus 6 and the LG G7 ThinQ besides the Apple iPhone X as well. According to the report, they have used a 3D printed head of one of their reporters for testing the face authentication amongst all the devices, which were pre-registered with the reporter’s actual face itself. However, the report claims the reporter’s 3D printed head has fooled all the Android devices tested and the iPhone X appeared to be impenetrable.


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