A Kashmiri detainee wrote Quran in his 24 years of captivity on daily records


Released after more than two decades with two other natives by Jaipur court proved guiltless, Ali Mohammad Bhat, hailing from Shia populated area Hasanabad Srinagar has jotted down the Holy Quran twice during his captivity.

Ali Mohammad was set free on Tuesday this week after detained for false inducement being involved in 1996 blasts. Ali and other five persons were shifted from Delhi to Ahmedabad jails followed by brutal tortures.

Though the days spend in dungeon had been the battering edges of life but the writing of Quran behind the bars served as the divine respite and miraculous hope for life.

Ali Mohammad wholly devoted his life, in offering Salah and writing the Holy Quran which cemented his will to put a strong stance against his worrisome whimsical storms.

It took Ali years, to complete the two editions of the Holy Quran which he copied from his printed Quran he used to recite at dawn and dusk.

Ali said, it strengthen his faith to stand on contrary against all odds which mounted his Psychotic pressure to beat the gruesome time In dungeon.

Thus I, remained in the tight pitch dark cell with the miraculous company of the Holy Quran which put the life into my dead body again.


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