All India Shia Personal Law Board hold the consultative meet of executives members

by Abbas Adil

The preparations for the annul general conference are in full swing ahead of the annul general conference of all India Shia Personal Law Board which is going to be held on 28 July at Scientific Convention Center in Medical University of Lucknow. A consultation meeting of its executive members was held the PG college Lucknow  the preparations are in full swing.  Speaking on the occasion the spokes person of India Shia Personal Law Board Maulana Yasoob Abbas  urged the Executive body to ensure the presence of intellectuals, clerks, and other dignitaries by sending the early invitations to the guests on phone 

Maulana Yasoob Abbas said that the conference will witness an abundance number of guests  throughout India. The meeting discussed and contented fully about the names of speakers to be given time to speak. 

Participants are expected from all the states a welcome committee was constituted to host the guests cordially. 

The important issues to be discussed in the conference were also highlighted. The issues like triple Talaq, Modern Marriages will be discussed again. 

The Shia board will focus these issues in religious parameters as well as political dimensions 

The executive members presented at the meeting were the president Moulana Mirza Mohd Ishfaq ,  Vice President Molana Mehdi, Secretary Dr Mohammad Raza, Moulana Aijaz Azhar,  Molana Ghulam Hussain Sadaf, Molana Anwar Hussain Rizvi, Molana Saqlain Abadi, Mujahud Naqvi, Hasan Mehdi, Zaffar Mustafa, Professor Ishrat Hassan, Dr Sadiq Hasan, Dr Sarwar, Prince Iqbal Mirza, Masood Ahmad

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