Arbaeen 2022: Latest number of pilgrims entering and leaving Karbala

by Abbas Adil

The Border Crossing Organization of Iraq announced in a report the number of pilgrims entering and leaving the country’s seven crossings.

“Aladdin Al-Qaisi”, Spokesman of this organization, announced that at present, the arrival of Arbaeen pilgrims to Karbala through various crossings in Iraq is under the continuous supervision and follow-up of Major General Omar Adnan Al-Waili, the head of the Iraqi border crossings committee, and other security officials and agencies active in the crossings, and is being done regularly and without any obstacles or delays.

In the following, he gave a report on the number of pilgrims entering and leaving Iraq from August 14th, until last September 7th:

During this period, 630,329 people entered and 129,309 people left at the Mehran crossing (Zarbatieh).

365,200 people entered and 69,263 people left at Shalamche crossing.

120,070 people entered and 28,606 people left at Chazaba crossing (Al-Shib).

79,470 people entered and 4,710 people left at Khosravi crossing (Al-Manzarieh).

7,959 people entered and 5,269 people left at Safwan crossing (Iraq-Kuwait border).

45,579 pilgrims arrived at Najaf airport and 4,406 pilgrims arrived from Baghdad airport. In total, 1,262,000 pilgrims entered Iraq in the last 25 days and 237,157 people left.

Source: Shafaqna Persian 

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