Ashok Gehlot To Be Rajasthan Chief Minister


As per reports Ashok Gehlot is likely to be Rajasthan chief minister for the third time. The decision comes after Congress President Rahul Gandhi met both him and Sachin Pilot in Delhi. 

Sachin Pilot, the Rajasthan Congress chief was the first to meet Rahul Gandhi and the meeting was reportedly good.

Sachin Pilot was made Rajasthan Congress chief after the Congress washout in the 2013 state election. He traveled over five lakh km while campaigning for the December 7 election. Sachin Pilot is a former union minister in the Manmohan Singh government. 

But on Tuesday, as votes were counted in Rajasthan, the party’s tally stopped at 99, one short of a majority. That made it critical for the party to make a careful choice, with the national election in mind.

Ashok enjoys the trust of party leaders who are looking for the best bet for the 2019 national election.


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