Ayatollah Sistani’s representative explains goals of observing Muharram ceremonies in Europe


SHAFAQNA– A representative to Shia marja’ Grand Ayatollah Seyed Ali Sistani has elaborated the objectives of the Ayatollah’s insistence to stage annual Muharram and Ashura processions in Europe.

Hujjatuleslam Mortadha Kashmiri who was speaking at World Council of Shia Centers also known as Al Torath in Berlin, Germany, named those goals as follows:

  • Creating culture and raining awareness: We renew our allegiance to Imam Hussein (A.S.), express our support for his uprising against cruelty and injustice, invite others to his path and explain his objectives, his righteousness, his tradition and great sacrifice for Islam and the Muslims. We learn significant signs of our religion and Shiism from Imam Hussein’s school of thought and educate them to others.
  • Keeping Imam Hussein’s uprising alive: It makes Islamic ummah and history not to forget this great revolt and movement and live in the hearts of the faithful as long as the world exists.
  • Personal connection with this movement through crying and feeling sorrow with reminding the upsetting events and the scenes of the Battle of Karbala, the injustice that was carried out against the kids and women of Ahlul Bayt. This personal sentiment can be felt through reading books or listening to speeches.
  • Smart propagation: By staging processions, marches, holding Matam and other Husseini events we get involved in a totally different kind of propagation and leave a positive impact on public opinion and unite people. It is clear that condemning cruel rulers and raising our voices against them is more important than staying at home or crying for Imam Hussein. We should use all possible ways to propagate the cause of Imam Hussein and processions are not limited to holding them in close areas.
  • By hearing to useful speeches of wise preachers and speakers, we learn more about Ahlul Bayt and teach them to others; people fall in love in this family and get more interested in true Islam of the Prophet Mohammed (A.S.).
  • Imam Hussein’s uprising was a unique movement that signifies Shia Islamic ummah. We have to use all the powers of this movement to create a utopian society which our Shia Imams sought to create.

This text originally published by Shafaqna Farsi, translated by Shafaqna English.


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