Belarus: Islam Museum opens in Minsk Mosque

مسجد مینسک نگین معماری پایتخت بلاروس

SHAFAQNA- The Islam Museum opens in Minsk Mosque in Belarus.

Anyone, regardless of religion, can get acquainted with Islamic history, see copies of early manuscripts of the Quran, as well as elements of clothing of Muslim peoples, Central Asia and the Arab East.

According to tvr, the first exhibits of the Islam Museum have already taken their places on display. Kitabs – hand-written books in the format of the ancestral diary, are the material spiritual heritage of the Muslims of Belarus. The Quran facsimile is already in the funds of the museum.

Islam in Belarus has a long history. It was introduced into the lands which now constitute Belarus by Lipka Tatars in the 14th -16th centuries, according to webarchive. There are approximately 100,000 Muslims living in Belarus.

Today there’s about a dozen of big mosques in Belarus, but they are mainly located in small towns: Iwye, Slonim, Navahrudak in Hrodna region and others.

Minsk Mosque is the biggest one in the country, belarusfeed told.

Opened in November 2016, the Mosque in Minsk was built as a replica of a mosque destroyed by the Communists.

The decision to construct the original stone mosque was made towards the end of the XIX century and construction lasted from 1900 to 1902. However sixty years later the mosque was demolished under the communist rule. The new one is built not far from the old one on the grounds of an old Tatar cemetery, tripadvisor mentioned.


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