Grand Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Sistani Meets UN’s Special Adviser, Stresses On Documenting Crimes Of ISIS And Punishing Its Perpetrators


Najaf : Grand Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Sistani held a meeting with British Lawyer Karim As’ad Khan in Najaf in which he emphasized on the need of documenting the crimes of ISIS and punishing its perpetrators.

Karim As’ad Khan, the UN Special Adviser of the Investigative Team on ISIS acts in Iraq was accompanied by Nicole el Khoury, the Legal Officer at Security Council Counter-Terrorism Committee.

Ayatollah Sistani welcomed the work of the Investigative Team and emphasized on the importance of documenting ISIS crimes like Nazi crimes and punishing its perpetrators.

He also stressed on the global awareness of the danger of this terrorist group.

The Grand Ayatollah demanded to pay more attention to the crimes against minorities in Iraq such as Yazidis in Sinjar, Christians in the city of Mosul and the Turkmens in Tal’afar, especially highlighting the crimes of selling and raping women.

His Eminence emphasized on the importance of protecting witnesses working with UN research team particularly those who are living in areas which have been dominated by the covert elements of ISIS.

Mr. Karim Khan requested Ayatollah Sistani to guide the ISIS victims, especially women, to further cooperation with the UN research team and provide required information for them.

The Grand Ayatollah also emphasized on the necessity of normalizing the situation in war torn places, rebuilding the war-affected areas, returning displaced people to their areas of residence while pointing out that though this is job of Iraqi government but the international community should also assist the government in doing so.


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