Heritage: Grave of Mir Anees, genius of Urdu poetry is isolated


SHAFAQNA (Shia International News Association)

Mir Babar Ali Anees known as poet extraordinaire, was a legend of Urdu poetry and known for his Marsiya-writing. He had written over 213 marsiyas and many other elegies (form of Urdu poetry) including Nauha, soz , salaam, qasida etc.

Anees was born in 1802 in Faizabad ad died in Lucknow on 29th shawwal 1291(according to Islamic calendar) i.e. on 10 December 1874 and buried in his house.

Mir Anees excelled epic art of Urdu poetry i.e Marsiya and the world recognizes him, but only some people able to visit his grave. Many people don’t know and when visitors visit his grave in an area in old Lucknow they get shocked. Maqbara (Tomb) of Mir Anees is located in the narrow lanes of Akbari Gate. It is surrounded by homes and from the backside of those homes people dump garbage in the adjacent land where he is buried. Maqbara is swamped by a large number of bushes, so you have to walk through these scrubs to enter into it. The boundary of maqbara has been cracked and rusted. The unhygienic state of the tomb is so creepy that you even can’t walk around apart from the grave.

The people who take care of the tomb asserts that due to the financial problem they couldn’t able to even clean the place. It’s unfortunate that neither the heritage department nor the urdu poetry lovers have done anything to renovate the tomb of the legend.

This is the condition of the tomb of the prolific genius of Urdu poetry and literature, whose work is researched by litterateurs, intellectuals, authors and theologists etc. across the world.

Many organizations in the name of Mir Anees were organizing seminars, conferences, etc., but nobody is concerned over the poor condition of his tomb. In the history of culture of Lucknow and India, the place holds utmost importance as it was used to be his house where he is buried. We secluded house of much cultural value.

Maulana Mumtaz Ali, President of Maulayi lovers of Ahlebait (as) association said,” we’ll soon launch campaign to save and renovate Mir Anees and Mirza Dabeer maqbara from our organization.”


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