How did Islamic unity end a historical conflict?


SHAFAQNA – Before Islam, Aus and Khazraj tribes were in conflict together for over 100 years, and every now and then used to fight with heavy losses on both sides. One of the achievements of the Prophet of Islam (PBUH) was that after hegira (departure from Mecca to Medina), he managed to unify these two tribes and form a strong front in Medina. But because their unity was new and the conflict between them deep rooted, at times flare ups between the two sides used to occur and the Prophet (PBUH) quickly dealt with them.

One day, two persons from both sides by the names of “Tha’alabeh bin Qanam” and As’ad bin Zawareh” confronted each other, and started naming honours of their tribes after Islam, Tha’alabeh said: Khazimeh bin Thabet, Dhul Shahadatayn, Handhalah Qaseelul Mala’ekah, Aa’sim bin Thabet, and Sa’ad bin Mo’adh who are prides of Muslims, are from us. Against him, As’ad bin Zorareh who was from Khazraj tribe said: Four from our tribe have served in the way of spreading and teaching of the holy Quran; Abi bin Ka’ab, Mo’adh bin Jabal, zaid bin Thabet, and Abu Zaid are from us, as well as Sa’ad bin Ibadeh who is the chief preacher of Medina is from us.

Gradually, dispute intensified and two sides were armed and stood against each other. There was a fear that once again the war would start and bloodshed to occur. The Prophet (PBUH) was informed, and he immediately went to the scene and with his special wisdom and prudency ended that dangerous situation, and established peace between them. And then Ayah 103 of Surah Aal-e-Imran was revealed to the Prophet (PBUH) saying: “Hold fast to God’s rope all together, do not split into factions. Remember God’s favour to you; you were enemies and then God brought your hearts together and you became brothers by God’s grace. You were about to fall into a pit of fire and God saved you from it; in this way God makes Divine Revelation clear to you, so that you may be rightly guided.”


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