Imamia Super 14 Conducts Entrance Examination For Aspiring Students At Magam


Magam: Imamia Super 14 conducted entrance for free admissions for Shia students here who aspire to study outside Kashmir.

Many aspirants sat in the examinations that were held in Magam.

The senior students at Aligarh Muslim University and Jamia Millia New Delhi guide the aspiring students to realize their dream of studying at reputed universities like AMU and JMI.

Students who sat in the examination were satisfied with the paper and called it resourceful examination.

Those who qualify the examination after matriculation their fees will be borne by the organisers of examination.

The parents of the students expressed their gratitude to Imamia Super 14 and said its through helping hands like these they will be able to send their children to reputed universities which otherwise isn’t possible due their low income.

Students also thanked the organisers and said they are hoping for more such opportunities in coming time which will help them in giving quality education in different reputed universities of the country.


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