India bans Muharram processions in Kashmir Valley amid crackdown


SHAFAQNA– The local government in Indian-controlled Kashmir has announced that it would follow the past precedent and bans all public Muharram processions in the region this week.

A top official at the government of Jammu and Kashmir has said no processions will be allowed in the district of Srinagar on Muharram 8th,9th and 10th that fall on September 8,9, 10.

The official claimed that anti-social elements would use the occasion to trigger clashes with Indian security forces and therefore the government bans the Shia rituals all together.

According to the official, all Shia citizens of Srinagar have been told to stage their mourning ceremonies at the shrines or Imam-bares. However, large public processions are allowed in Shia neighborhoods of ZadibalBudgam and Hasanabad.

In another move, the government has transferred several jailed Shia leaders from detention centers and put them under house arrest.

There are reports of clashes between Indian paramilitary forces and Shia Kashmiris in Hasanabad and parts of Budgam in the past 48 hours. Security forces used shut guns and tear gas to disperse the protesting crowds.

Sources: The Hindu, India Today

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