Indian Army begins process to do away with colonial practices; to review uniform, unit names

by Abbas Adil

In line with Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s directions, the Indian Army led by General Manoj Pande has initiated the process to do away with the colonial practices and names of the units and regiments in the force.

“Some of the legacies practices which require a review like customs and traditions from the colonial and pre-colonial era, army uniforms and accoutrement, regulations, laws, rules, policies, unit establishment, institutes of colonial past, English names of some units, renaming the name of buildings, establishments, roads, parks, an institution like Auchinleck or Kitchener House,” an Army document said.An Army headquarters official said, “While doing away with the British colonial legacy, it is essential to move away from the archaic and ineffective practices.”

He said the Indian Army also needs to review these legacy practices to align with the national sentiment in consonance with the five vows that the Prime Minister has asked people to follow.The list of items being reviewed includes the “pre-independence theatre/battle honours, awarded by British to quell the Indian states and freedom and affiliation with Commonwealth Graves Commission,” Army officials said.

This includes practices like the grant of honorary Commissions and ceremonies like beating the retreat and the regimented system.

The names and Insignia in Unit, Crest of Colonial times, along with officers’ mess procedures and traditions and customs would also be reviewed.

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