Israel continues its persecution in Palestine


Syed Mudaser Mosvi, Parisabad, Budgam

Islam is a complete religion that emphasizes unity among masses in general and Muslims in particular. Islam lays emphasis on brotherly relations.  It unites all Muslims on the basis of one God, one Messenger and one book “the Quran”.

 The Almighty Allah sent last Prophet Hazrat Muhammad (SAWW) to get the mankind out from the swamps of misguidance, darkness and social evils and to lead people towards good and right paths. The incident of Karbala teaches that never surrender before enemies of Islam and hostile and powerful forces.

The Prophet Muhammad (SAWW) spent all his pious life in forging a bond amongst various warring groups then what is the reason that the Muslims do not follow the Prophet Muhammad (SAWW) and are involved in killing their own Muslim brothers? “Hold firmly the rope of Almighty Allah and do not fall into disunion” Al-Quran.

The time has come now that the Muslims of the world unite keeping aside their sects and beliefs to safeguard Islam, Al-Quran, Kaba and the Quds. Oppression and aggression by Zionists continue in Palestine.But the hypocritical attitude of the Arab countries in the region towards “Qibla Awal” makes Muslim Ummah shed tears of blood.

As the Saudi prince made a clear statement about Israel, in the event of a war with Palestine, they would support the Jewish and Israeli democratic aspirations. The prince said that in the event of a war between Palestine and Israel, I will do my best to stop the steps taken by the Arab countries to oppose the Israeli move. On the one hand, Saudi authorities call themselves the servants and representatives of Islam, the Qur’an and the Hearman Sharifs (Holy places), and on the other hand, familiar with Israel. Saudi Arabia’s relations with Israel will prove to be very detrimental not only to the Muslim Ummah but also to the Saudi monarchy, and will result in its isolation within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The Muslim Ummah will never accept this, even the Saudi people will also not accept the Saudi monarchy stealthily or publicly declares any connection with Israel.

Therefore, “On 22nd July, 2019, a large contingent of Israeli soldiers entered the homes of the families residing, forcing them to leave their homes before proceeding to destroying them using military bulldozers and massive amounts of dynamite”. Israel is illegally building settlements on Palestinian land. Israel’s illicit regime has restricted the movement of Palestinians into their own cities, depriving the right of repatriation of Palestinian refugees, imprisoned about 7,000 Palestinians, and not allowing Palestinian people to visit Jerusalem (Their Capital).

If an animal is slaughtered in any part of the world, worldwide voice raise against the incident, but the recent attacks by the Zionist regime on Gaza and the massacre of innocent Palestinian children in particular does not matter. Silence of the global community over crimes done in Gaza by Zionist regime is a horrifying picture of the bitter truth of the world. Israeli supporters know Israel’s wickedness, immoral and dishonesty but not speak a single word against its brutal attacks. According to figures, most crimes are taking place in occupied Palestine. Even the brutal act of Zionist settlers based on the burning of Palestinian youth could not awaken the conscience of so-called human rights supporters in the West as if nothing has happened.

Undoubtedly the massacre of Palestinian women, children manifest the brutal face of Israeli supporters, United Kingdom, United States and especially the Democracy in the West. Israel has besieged the area and turned it into the world’s largest prison.

Muslims are the highest in number whose blood is considered cheapest among the people living in this world. Their mistake is that they love their sacred land. They are always ready to sacrifice their lives for Masjid-e-Al-Aqsa. They innocent people including men, women, children confront with stones to the brutal Army of Israel when their oppression advances.

On the one hand, it is the issue of whole Muslim Ummah, and on the other side, Arab countries establishing deep relations with Israel is very painful. Although Israel continues its persecution in Palestine but the firm determination of people of Palestine embarrassed Israel in the world.

The UNO (United Nations Organization) is playing a silent spectator’s role in this matter. Muslim Ummah has religious affiliation with the “Bait-ul-Muqadas” and its protection is the religious and moral duty of every Muslim. “Moment of thought for the Muslim Ummah”


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