June 2024 is the hottest on record globally, surpassing the previous high set in 2023, according to the EU climate monitor.

by Abbas Adil

Shafaqna India: In June 2024, the global average temperature reached its highest recorded level for that month, marking the continuation of a 13-month streak of unprecedented heat, according to the EU’s climate monitor, the Copernicus Climate Change Service (C3S). This trend has been accompanied by extreme weather events worldwide, including floods and heatwaves.

The director of C3S, Carlo Buontempo, emphasized that this ongoing sequence of temperature records underscores a significant and ongoing shift in global climate patterns. He pointed out that as long as human activities continue to increase greenhouse gas emissions, breaking new temperature records will remain inevitable.

The latest record-breaking June temperature surpassed the previous high set in 2023, occurring amid a year marked by severe climate extremes. Record sea surface temperatures in the Atlantic, northern Pacific, and Indian Ocean contributed to the widespread heat experienced across the globe.

Notably, ocean temperatures have also been consistently setting new records, with June marking 15 consecutive months of elevated sea surface temperatures. This trend is crucial as oceans cover a vast portion of the Earth’s surface and absorb the majority of the excess heat generated by climate-warming emissions.

Looking ahead, the transition to a La Nina phase is expected to bring a cooling effect globally, potentially moderating air temperatures in the coming months. Despite this, the persistence of high sea surface temperatures could still influence whether 2024 ultimately exceeds 2023 in terms of global warmth.

Overall, the average global air temperatures from the previous 12 months to June 2024 have been the highest recorded in the data record, surpassing pre-industrial levels by an average of 1.64°C, as reported by Copernicus.

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