Kashmir universities to shut until 2020, after blasts and curbs


A grenade blast outside the gate of Kashmir University in Srinagar, happening at a time when examinations are under way, is likely to prolong the shutdown of colleges and universities in Kashmir up to March next year, officials confirmed.

Since 5 August, when the Indian government unilaterally removed the semi-autonomous status of Indian Administered Kashmir, educational institutes here have been closed. The region has been reeling under heavy curbs and general strikes.

Although the government tried to open colleges in October, students largely refrained from attending classes. Later the authorities announced that examinations for all college and university level classes would be held, which forced students to appear.

The government hoped that the examinations would bring more transport and movement back onto roads and thus break the general strike currently being observed by the masses. But there has been no classwork, and universities remain deserted after exams.


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