Martyrdom Anniversary Of Hazrat Zahra (s.a) Observed Across India


Lucknow: Majalis and mourning processions were held across India marking the martyrdom anniversary of Hazrat Zahra (s.a).

A large number of people attended programs at Chota Imam Bhara Lucknow which started from February 6 to 10 on the life of Hazrat Fatima Zahra (s.a).

Apart from Muslims, many non Muslims including Hindus and Sikhs attended the Programme and learnt about the life of this great lady through the speeches of the scholars.

Maulana Mohammad Abdi, Maulana Guleraz Mehdi, Maulana Hussein Mehdi, Maulana Kazim, Maulana Abul Fazal,Maulana Wasi Hassan Khan and other scholars attended the programs.

Speaking on the last day of mourning ceremony, Maulana Kalbe Javad Naqvi spoke on the life of Hazrat Zahra s.a and also about her suffering that led to her martyrdom.

Eulogies were also recited followed by a mourning procession in which many non Muslims also participated.

Reports of Majalis came from many states of India. The Martyrdom Anniversary of Prophets beloved daughter Hazrat Fatima Zehra s.a was commemorated in Kargil under the supervision of Anjuman Jamiat ul Ulama Asna Asharia with religious fervor.

Thousands of people including children took to streets in a mourning procession marking the martyrdom anniversary of Hazrat Zahra s.a.

Hazrat Zahra (s.a) is daughter of Prophet Mohammad’s (p.buh) and also spouse of Imam Ali (p.buh), the first Imam of Shia Muslims. Her martyrdom anniversary is marked every year in several countries, most importantly in Iran, Iraq, Bahrain, Lebanon, Pakistan and India.  


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