Muharram in Afghanistan: “Vow to Ensure Security in Kabul While Mourning Flags are Torn Down in Herat”

by Abbas Adil

Shafaqna India:  The Muharram mourning ceremonies continue across various parts of Afghanistan, marked by “disturbances,” “restrictions,” and “promises” from the Taliban, along with enthusiastic participation from the people.

According to Shafaqna Afghanistan, this year’s Muharram ceremonies are being held under the shadow of widespread security threats from terrorist groups. However, the Taliban has promised “special security measures” to ensure safety.

Following a request from the Shia Ulema Council of Afghanistan, the Taliban’s Ministry of Interior announced yesterday that “special security measures” have been adopted to safeguard Muharram and Ashura ceremonies in Kabul and other provinces. The ministry stated that the “public security police” are responsible for maintaining security during these ceremonies and urged public cooperation.

Concurrent with this announcement, a number of Taliban police forces have been deployed in some Shia areas of western Kabul. Local residents informed Shafaqna that while the presence of Taliban police is currently minimal, it is expected to increase in the coming days. Additionally, local sources in several Shia provinces reported the presence of Taliban police in certain neighborhoods to provide security.

“Tearing Down the Mourning Flag in Herat”

While the Taliban has promised to provide security for the Muharram ceremonies, reports from various provinces indicate that the group has imposed restrictions on Shia mourners. Local sources in Gabriel town and Herat’s Haji Abbas neighborhood, major Shia areas, reported that Taliban forces tore down mourning flags from houses and shops in these areas during the night.

Source: fa.shafaqna

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