Najma Heptulla On Beef Ban Says Sentiments Of Majority Community Should Also Be Respected

by Abbas Adil



New Delhi: Minority Affairs Minister Najma Heptulla Monday accused the previous government of only talking about the sentiments of minorities saying the sentiments of majority community should also be respected.

Asked about the beef ban in some states, she said “You are talking about the sentiments of minority community. Shouldn’t we also think of the sentiments of the majority community”.

During a press conference organised on the occasion of inauguration of Central Waqf Bhawan, the minister said there are people who have special feelings for cow, and those sentiments of the majority community should also be respected.

She termed the recent communal violence in Atali village in Haryana unfortunate and said such incidents should not happen.

She also said that the constitutional principles have to be upheld and the government should act against those who work against the spirit of the Constitution. 

Asked on encroachment of Waqf properties, Heptulla said presently, a Bill in this regard was with the Standing Committee of Rajya Sabha, which would provide the required powers to remove illegal encroachers from Waqf properties.

Heptulla also said that approximately40 per cent of Waqf properties are encroached.

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