No role in latest developments in Shiv Sena camp, says BJP

by Abbas Adil

BJP Maharashtra chief Chandrakant Patil on Tuesday said the BJP had no plan to make any pitch on government formation in Maharashtra.

He also denied having sent any proposal to the rebel Sena leader.Addressing the media, Patil said the BJP had no role in the happenings in the Shiv Sena.

Why did Shinde land in the BJP-ruled Gujarat, Patil said the Sena leader had good relations with all parties and had many friends. He must have tried many friends and decided on Surat, a smiling Patil said.

The BJP is watching the developments and would not like to take any hasty decision, he said, amid the buzz that Devendra Fadnavis may meet Shinde in Surat.

Speculation is rife that the BJP may press for President’s rule in the state.

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