Prime Minister Modi calls Russia India’s ‘all-weather friend’ and commends Putin’s leadership.

by Abbas Adil

Shafaqna India: Prime Minister Narendra Modi described Russia as India’s “all-weather friend” and praised President Vladimir Putin’s leadership in strengthening bilateral ties over the past two decades. Speaking to the Indian diaspora, Modi highlighted the enduring warmth and trust in the India-Russia relationship, despite external pressures to isolate Russia due to the Ukraine conflict.

Modi emphasized the historical and mutual respect underpinning this friendship, noting that regardless of harsh Russian winters, the bond between the two nations remains robust. He particularly appreciated President Putin for elevating India-Russia relations over the years.

Addressing the broader context, Modi pointed out that the world has traditionally seen an influence-oriented global order but now requires a message of unity, which India, with its tradition of valuing confluences, can best deliver.

Reflecting on India’s transformation, Modi asserted that the country’s development in the past decade has surprised the world. He credited the self-confidence of India’s 140 crore citizens and affirmed his commitment to achieving ambitious goals, highlighting the nation’s readiness to spearhead global growth in the coming years.

Modi concluded by recalling his recent oath-taking for a third term as Prime Minister, pledging to work with triple the strength and speed to meet the aspirations of the country.

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