” Red Line Rally” before White House: Criticizes Biden: Photos

by Abbas Adil

Shafaqna India: 

  • Pro-Palestinian demonstrators gathered outside the White House in Washington, DC on Saturday for a ‘red line’ protest against US support for Israel’s war on Gaza [Mandel Ngan/AFP]
    people stand behind a long piece of red fabric
    The activists held a long red banner that continued down the streets of Washington, DC and chanted ‘From DC to Palestine, we are the red line’ [Andrew Thomas/AFP]
    people wave Palestinian flags outside the White House
    The White House said in May that a deadly Israeli strike on Rafah did not cross a ‘red line’, which Biden had seemingly set two months earlier [Mandel Ngan/AFP]
    people hold a sign saying end US military funding to Israel in red paint
    The Biden administration has provided Israel with billions of dollars in military aid, including heavy bombs and artillery shells that Biden admits have killed Palestinian civilians [Mandel Ngan/AFP]

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