Researchers are beginning to uncover clues about the path of long Covid

by Abbas Adil

Shafaqna Health:Tens of millions of individuals worldwide are believed to be grappling with long Covid, yet four years after the pandemic’s onset, this perplexing condition remains untestable and untreatable.

Nonetheless, recent research is starting to uncover preliminary insights into long Covid, raising hopes for future breakthroughs that could shed light on other chronic syndromes with similarly ambiguous presentations.

Long Covid encompasses a wide array of symptoms persisting for weeks or months after initial SARS-CoV-2 infection, including fatigue, shortness of breath, muscle pain, and cognitive difficulties.

A notable study released last month observed significant differences in the blood proteins of over 110 long Covid patients. According to Onur Boyman, a senior author of the study, this finding could be a key piece of the puzzle in understanding the prolonged impact of Covid on certain individuals. The study revealed that the complement system, a part of the immune system responsible for fighting infection, remains active in long Covid patients, causing ongoing tissue damage.

While this discovery is promising, researchers caution that complement system dysregulation cannot fully account for the diverse manifestations of long Covid.

Nevertheless, recent findings offer hope for a better understanding of long Covid. Lucia, a long Covid sufferer, underscores the significance of research in elucidating the condition’s complexities. For Lucia, long Covid has profoundly impacted her daily life, from physical challenges to social and financial struggles. She emphasizes the need for greater support and validation for long Covid patients, who often face skepticism from medical professionals and society at large.

Recent studies have highlighted the benefits of group rehabilitation in improving the quality of life for long Covid patients. However, understanding long Covid has been challenging due to its multifaceted nature, affecting multiple bodily systems simultaneously.

Source: Dawn news

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