Right wing Hindu group threatens Christian schools to remove religious symbols or ‘face dire consequences’

by Abbas Adil

Shafaqna India: In a concerning incident in Assam, a Hindu group has issued threats to Christian schools, demanding the removal of religious symbols or be prepared to face severe consequences. This development has raised concerns over religious freedom and interfaith harmony in the region.

Incidents of Intolerance

A Hindu group, whose identity remains undisclosed, has allegedly issued an ultimatum to Christian schools in Assam, demanding the removal of religious symbols such as crosses, chapels, and statues from their premises. The threats, reportedly conveyed through anonymous letters, warn of dire consequences if the demands are not met.

Interfaith Relations Under Strain

This incident highlights the growing strain on interfaith relations in Assam. The state has a diverse religious landscape, with significant populations of Hindus, Muslims, Christians, and other minority religions. It has been known for its pluralistic ethos, where people from different faiths have coexisted harmoniously for generations. However, incidents like these threaten to disrupt communal harmony and undermine the peaceful coexistence that has been a hallmark of the region.

Reactions from Christian Schools and Organizations

Christian schools and organizations have expressed deep concern over these threats. They argue that such actions not only violate the principles of religious freedom but also undermine the country’s secular fabric. These institutions have a duty to uphold the values of their respective faiths, and their symbols and structures play a significant role in the religious education of their students. The demanded removal of these symbols is seen as an encroachment on the fundamental rights of religious minorities.

Government Response and Action

The Assam government has taken note of the incident and assured the Christian community of adequate security measures. The local administration has initiated investigations to identify the perpetrators and ensure their apprehension. The police have been instructed to intensify vigilance and provide protection to vulnerable institutions. Additionally, interfaith dialogues and peace initiatives are being promoted to foster better understanding and harmony among different religious groups.

The threatened removal of religious symbols from Christian schools in Assam poses a significant challenge to religious freedom and interfaith harmony in the region. It is crucial for the authorities to thoroughly investigate the threats, identify the culprits, and ensure that appropriate legal action is taken. Addressing the issue of religious intolerance requires collective efforts from the government, civil society, and religious organizations to foster a climate of acceptance, understanding, and respect for diverse faiths.

Source:Muslim Mirror

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