Rights of Women in Islam


Islam is a religion of peace and prosperity, Islam doesn’t allow his followers to degrade or discriminate anyone who is living in this world and nobody has right to dominate anyone for his own existence. Islam had provided a complete manifesto to its followers in which everything had been mentioned how we can make our lives beautiful and better. Islam had provided equal rights to men and women through which they can understand themselves and their role and responsibilities within a particular society. In the present time we are living in so called modern world and world of technology in which everything is being done or proceed by technology but within the modernity status of women is degrading and she had been confined to domestic work like cooking, Taking care of children’s etc. Although  these things are very important and essential but when we look towards the time of prophet how he worked for the protection of women in Arab when parents were burying their girl child’s alive, we can also look towards Hazrat Khadija (S.A) the first women entrepreneur of Islam so we can observe and imagine how women had participated in generation of economy by this we can say that women should be given economic liberty as well but if we look towards modern world women’s are witnessing violence and other issues in modern societies. If we talk by considering Islam about women we can understand the status of women. We are listening and thinking about women empowerment but we did not look towards the time of Prophet (PBUH) how he worked for the empowerment of women by giving them right to birth, in present time during pregnancy women is being taken to different medical checkup by which people whether women is carrying boy or a girl child if boy then she will be greeted with many things if girl then Allah knows better how she is bearing his In-Laws. Now the different laws had been made to give protection to the women.

Let’s look how Islam had defined rights of women 

  • Right to work: Islam had considered women as an important part of society and also given her responsibility of different things women can’t live as lazy individual in society Islam is considering work as one of the important aspects of (Ibadah).it doesn’t allow its followers to be lazy and unemployed. We can find many sayings and Hades related to work, I would like quote here the saying of prophet Mohammad(SAWW) he said that there are seventy parts of prayer(Ibadah) generating legal income is one among its important aspects, to perform or do any work Islam is considering as a right responsibility of every individual either men or women. There is no difference in men and women regarding this they are free to work because it’s among their social responsibilities. Now there is something which is different in men and women like men can do or perform any work because of their physical structure while as women cannot perform every work which is available in her surroundings because women is being considered (Sinef e Nazukh) also she is much beautiful as compared to men so she had to think before going through any work to be performed by her. She would not be able to do work like Night Duty, Driving of heavy vehicles and work in iron factories. They should remember about themselves that they should not expose their beauty to other men accept their husband. This is the thing had been asked to men do not compel your women’s to perform the work which is difficult to do.
  • Freedom in Marriage: A woman is completely free like men in choosing her life partner. Marrying a girl without her permission is not allowed in Islam, nobody has right to compel a mature Girl in getting married even Father, Mother, Brother and Grandfather are not allowed to force her, Imam Sadiq (a.s) said If you want marry your sister first ask for her permission if she make silence then consider that she is ready to get married but the permission is still important. The suggestions of parents can play an important role in spouse selection which can help an individual to select a better partner for his/her future life Islam is asking to give full rights to girl in marriage
  • Right to live: If girl is not married then she is free in his living if she is married then her responsibility of living is on the shoulders of his husband but living place should be comfortable where girl can feel him safe and happy.
  • Right to education: If girl is not married then nobody can stop her in pursuing education but if she is married then it’s important to take permission from her husband.

These were some rights which had been provided by Islam their might more and more but I selected some of them. Women’s are becoming victims of violence day by day if we look towards our modern society like domestic violence, sexual harassment and many more things as well. It’s time to empower women in every aspect by educating them and let them participate in different things like decision making. We should not confine the women to domestic work; we should provide them space to participate in different activities of society by which society can make its progress towards development. After that we can expect a society which will be full of peace and happiness in which we cannot witness any problem like Domestic Violence and other issues as well. It needs more awareness about status of women and their rights.

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