Role of religions in establishing a common purpose to preserve planet

by Abbas Adil

SHAFAQNA- A group of Indian scholars performed investigations about promoting environmental protection and responding to crises like global warming and species extinction. To this end, they conducted interviews with leaders from all religions and explored about 150 temples, mosques, churches, gurudwaras, and ashrams. Also, they interacted with several NGOs, trusts, and associations with religious affiliations.
The first finding was that there exists close unanimity in how religious leaders view the environment.

Leaders of all religions considered it with regard to cleanliness and greenery. Minimal involvement of FBOs in environmental protection was the second finding. The third finding was that very few were aware of the climate crisis and its causes. FBOs should be considered as strategic actors to disseminate the value of environmental protection and conservation.

The climate crisis, now, requires unparalleled collaboration among the countries and communities and the power of religion should be leveraged to establish a common purpose in order to preserve the planet.

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