Self mauling in the Subcontinent

by Abbas Adil

As the rugged repeated attacks on Indian Muslims are plunging the country into the abyss of the barbarism of the worst kind it is now best for Indian Muslims to look over to their maker in heaven, Allah! This has always borne fruits for the oppressed Muslims the world over. That was overdue since much earlier times. In the 2002 genocide in Gujarat, the marauders stole abundant petrol from the bus depo of Naroda Patia. Babu Bhai Patel aka Bajrangi had already secured guns from the nearby places and had forced the hapless. This self-mauling in the subcontinent started a long time ago.

The petrol was poured over them and as they embraced and prayed for Allah they welcomed death in each other’s arms. Muslim women and girls had been attacked their fetuses were taken out by spears and burnt. With houses and huts burnt many were on the roads as refugees. There were innumerable women and girls who were walking toward refugee camps. They had to traverse miles to reach the nearest (?) refugee camps naked with rods protruding from their crotch. The excruciating pain had made it impossible to take the next step. No one could dare to quench their thirst nor hide their utter nudity.

Understanding the matter better
In those days I was a freelance journalist with Meantime of Calicut, Kerala, and Deshdoot of Nasik. We were overwhelmed by the grief of how people suffered. No one did anything to prevent the atrocities. During the Nellie massacre of 1983, 2000 Muslims lost their lives mostly children and women and men. Indira Gandhi was the PM then. Coinciding it was the Non-Alignment Movement and it was brushed under the carpet. In 2002 the President of India KR Narayanan pleaded for mercy for victims in Gujarat. There was no love lost between PM AB Vajpayee, CM Modi and the President! This parallels in many ways how even during the Nelli genocide of Muslims of Assam experienced what was no less than a Holocaust.

But Modi’s rule is enduring in its ruinous import on the Indian Muslims. Never before had Indian Muslims been subjected to worse than any beastly treatment one can think about. On account of what? As Pakistan is a conjoint another half of the colonial product of the British empire it is naturally plagued by similar oddities crying for a decent settlement of problems. India had to pay a significantly huge amount of settlement money at the time of partition, it faltered in its share of due money.

Mahatma Gandhi saw the moral obligation of paying the debt and offered to pay and visit Pak with the amount but he was assassinated before he could undertake the overture. The communal extremists who had begun their hate movement in 1925 stepped in and assassinated the nonviolent Gandhi. Since then the RSS/Hindu Mahasabha has now reached the pinnacle as their pet dream of declaring 2024 as the starting of the Hindu Rashtra.

The aftereffects of such colonialism
On the other side, there is the bondage to the colonial after effect of colonialism which is unwinding. Nawaz Sharif had siphoned off a fabulous treasure trove to the treasury vaults of British banks. The astronomical figure of the money is mind-boggling, to the British it is an enticement to survive on money from its colony. That is so important to its survival interest in the hurly-burly world of today. In his Abbottabad speech, former PM Imran Khan called on the people to protest on May 12 2022 in Islamabad against what he calls the “imported government” of the Sharif family. What he means by it is that it was the US superpower that wanted this change.

As the US eyes its hegemony into the region under threat by Imran Khan’s reliance on an Islam-oriented government of accountability put in its place by no other than the prophet of Islam Mohammad when he moved his administration of government to Madina so many years back. Its revival would surely guarantee rejuvenation if not a revival in its real sense. This has sent shock waves across the world and is sans political demarcation of any political rule as such. Direct Islam!

Imran Khan has learned self-reliance from another Islamic country in the doldrums, Iran, under Dr Mohammad Mossadegh. According to Sattareh Farman Farmaian, the Iranian premier “had shown the world that a small, much-bullied people could stand up for their rights to one of the greatest nations on earth. (p. 244 Daughter of Persia)

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