Shahnawaz Hussain Asks Muslims To Demand Ban On Sale Of Beef To Promote Communal Harmony

by Abbas Adil


shahnawaz hussain

Mumbai: Stirring up fresh controversy BJP leader Shahnawaz Hussain on Saturday asked Muslims to demand ban on sale of beef in their states in order to promote communal harmony.

He said the Maharashtra government has banned the sale of beef after taking public sentiments into account stating that no government wants to hurt public sentiments.

“Muslims from other states should take cue from the Maharashtra government’s decisions and come forward to demand ban on the sale of beef in their respective states. This will promote communal harmony,” he said.

He added “Maharashtra government’s decision to ban beef in the state is to bring communal harmony. Our eating habits should be the same”.

Referring to Mukhtar Abbas Naqvi’s comments on sending the beef-eaters to Pakistan, Shahnawaz said, “Our intention is not to hurt anybody’s sentiments. We don’t have any right to send anybody to Pakistan and nobody is going to do that even if we ask them to”.


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