Study shows sleeping on ‘wrong side of bed’ can ruin your day

by Abbas Adil

According to new research, sleeping on the “wrong side of the bed” can disturb a person’s sleep and affect the rest of the day.

Metro News cited a survey that showed how 1,500 people in Britain wake up at least thrice a night with nearly half of them struggling with anxiousness related to money and work.

The study found that those who slept on the right side of the bed had a worse sleep experience. It also found that the majority of the people insisted on sleeping on the same side every night.

Interestingly, right-side sleepers were found to fall asleep faster than left-side sleepers. However, they woke up more exhausted and irritated.

These sleepers were less likely to feel positive in their life. Right-side sleepers were found to be bothered more at night than left-side sleepers.

The research also added that regardless of the side of the bed, most people were struggling to get enough sleep.

Some respondents attributed sleep disturbances to uncomfortable bedding while others blamed it on their snoring partners.

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