The number of fatalities in the unrest in an Indian town, sparked by the demolition of a ‘madrasa’ and a mosque, increases to five

by Abbas Adil

Shafaqna India: Despite stringent restrictions on the third consecutive day, the death toll in the violence stemming from a demolition drive targeting “illegal structures” in a town in the northern Indian state of Uttarakhand has risen to five, officials reported on Saturday.

In response to the unrest triggered by officials’ efforts to demolish a madrasa (Muslim school) and an adjoining Muslim prayer hall in the Banbhoolpura area of Haldwani, authorities had enforced a curfew and internet shutdown in the state’s Nainital district.

A.P Anshuman, a senior police officer in the state, confirmed that Saturday’s death toll had climbed to five from Thursday’s violence, with three individuals sustaining serious injuries.

“The situation in Haldwani is now under control, and the curfew has been lifted. However, it remains in effect in Banbhoolpura,” he stated, noting that five individuals had been arrested and investigations were ongoing.

Police reported no new incidents of violence.

Several individuals, including police officers and protesters, sustained injuries during the clashes that erupted when authorities attempted to carry out the demolitions.

Nainital’s top official, Vandana Singh, informed reporters that the structures in question were not registered as religious facilities, while residents contended that the madrasa and prayer hall or mosque had been present for years.

Last month, in the Indian capital, authorities demolished a mosque believed to have stood for 600 years, with the mosque asserting that it had received no prior notice before its destruction.

Source: Tribune News

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