The Senegal crisis deepens with a second death in protests.

by Abbas Adil

 Shafaqna India: Senegal’s political crisis worsened with a second fatality on Saturday amid escalating protests against President Macky Sall’s decision to delay the upcoming presidential elections.

A 23-year-old man was fatally shot during clashes in the capital Dakar, according to two of his relatives, while a 22-year-old student died on Friday in the northern town of Saint-Louis under circumstances that remain unclear.

Presidential candidate Khalifa Sall (no relation) emphasized the need for the international and regional community to witness the actions of what he described as a failing regime.

Modou Gueye, a market vendor, sustained a gunshot wound to the stomach on Friday in the Colobane neighborhood of Dakar, as reported by his brother, Dame Gueye. His brother-in-law, Mbagnick Ndiaye, confirmed his passing on Saturday morning.

While authorities have not confirmed Gueye’s death, social media videos indicate additional injuries during the clashes.

In Saint-Louis, Alpha Yoro Tounkara died on the campus of Gaston Berger University, where he was studying geography. His classmates held a vigil in his memory.

Source: Dawn News

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