‘We are not against Hindus’ Owaisi slams BJP for misleading


Nizamabad: The voice of Indian Muslims opposing Hindutva ideology forces that are manipulating people into believing the government is not discriminating against Muslims, attempting to change the constitution, AIMIM president Asaduddin Owaisi once again reiterated that Muslims are not against Hindus as being projected by Hindutva leaders.

Slamming PM Modi for misleading citizens of India, Mr Owaisi questioned ruling BJP’s moves on CAA, NRC and NPR which are not only insulting as discrimination against a single community but also diluting the preamble of the Constitution, TOI reports.

“We will live in this country only,” he said making it very clear to those who want to persecute Indian Muslims.

The rally was organised at Idgah Maidan in this northern Telangana district headquarters town on Saturday evening.

Mr Owaisi asserted the ruling party leaders are misleading citizens as the two most important influential personalities have contradicting statements.

While PM Modi maintains there are no detention centres being constructed for Muslims, Home Minister Amit Shah, other BJP leaders, on the other hand, threaten to persecute those labelled as illegal immigrants.

“NPR is the first step towards unveiling NRC. People have been living in the country since ages and it is a humiliation asking them if they are citizens.”
Mr Owaisi said names of five lakh Muslims were deliberately not entered during the NRC exercise in Assam.

“There is a big detention centre for them and people are living in a cage-like atmosphere there,” he added.

“Prime Minister Modi is diluting the very spirit of the Constitution. I am a barrister and had studied at Lincoln’s Inn in London. I know what is NRC and what is NPR. Modi is lying on NPR and NRC,” he said.

Mr Owaisi further went on to read out the preamble of the Constitution, urging people to be wary of how religion was being played out.

“After 90 years, they began wearing pants,” he said, mocking the RSS activists recent rally in Hyderabad.

The first President of India Rajendra Prasad had opposed the suggestion of preamble to be read in the name of God since that would kill the true essence of ‘Secularism’ in India.

“Is Narendra Modi bigger than Rajendra Prasad? Our Constitution is secular. It has an equal place for all religions. It has a place for those who do not believe in religion also. BJP is trying to bring religious colour to it,” he said, asking why Hindutva leaders are now attempting to make this a Hindu nation.

This is another fight for Independence he said. “We have to save this country. We have make it country of Gandhi and Ambedkar and not that of Savarkar or RSS,” he thundered.

Earlier TRS MLA Shakeel Ahmed said TRS-MIM friendship was a true reflection of this tehzeeb.

He said Hindu-Muslim unity was clearly visible in the ongoing demonstrations across the country against CAA and NRC.

“The protests have shown that people are not against any particular religion.” Criticising Prime Minister Narendra Modi, he said: “The PM says he has a 56-inch chest. But his actions do not reflect that. Rather, his actions show his timidity.”

Reminding people that BJP had opposed 12% reservations for Muslims on the grounds that quota cannot be on the basis of religion, he then asked: “Now, how could the BJP government unveil CAA to alienate Muslims on religion basis? ”

TRS Yellareddy MLA Jajala Surender said CM KCR is known for his secular credentials all over the country.

“TRS opposed CAA and will oppose NRC. People need not fear NRC as no such legislation can be implemented when the entire people are against it,” he thundered.

The meeting was attended by TRS leaders sharing stage with MIM leaders was organised by the United Muslim Forum and MIM.


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