What is the point of repenting?


SHAFAQNA – The late religious scholar Mojtahedi Tehrani used to say: The human being must not say that because I have not reached any position to commit sins; then why should I repent? Must not say: I have not controlled my soul yet and have not restrained it, in order not to make a mistake; so what is the point of my repenting? If I repent (to God), I will return again to sins. But one must not think this way, and must repent. These are satanic thoughts, how is it known?

Maybe after this repenting, due to Divine Mercy, you make a serious decision not to commit sins again. How do you know that you commit sins again? In addition, you may die tonight! Why do you say such a thing that: I am not sure about myself, so I do not repent, when I become old I will repent. A Persian poem says: “I said that I will repent when I get old, so many young died and not even one got old.” Basically, Allah (SWT) likes the one who repents as mentioned in Ayah 222 of Surah Al-Baqarah [1].

[1] Tariq-e-Vasl, PP 58-60.


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