Why falsehood cannot be tolerated even for a short period?


SHAFAQNA – Moqaira ibn Shoa’ba who later on became one of the special companions of Moawiyah and an enemy to Imam Ali (AS), came to Imam (AS) at the beginning of his Caliphate to discuss a case with him. At the start, in a statesman like manner suggested to Imam (AS) that: In my opinion, at the present it is better that you say nothing, even a word about Moawiyah, and even approve him, let him be assured, and when the situation is settled, all of a sudden, dismiss him. Imam Ali (AS) said: I will not do such a thing, because if I want to approve Moawiyah even for a short time, it means that I recognized him as righteous even for a short time, and I do not consider him as righteous; and I do not lie to the people in this case, and I also do not impose it. When Moqaira realized that his words have no effect, said: I also thought and realized that you should do this, you are right. He said this and went to join Moawiyah [1].

[1] Sairi dar Seereyeh Nabawi, Martyr Mortaza Motahhari (RA), Page 117.


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