WSJ claims US and Saudi Arabia are close to security treaty

by Abbas Adil

Shafaqna India: The Biden administration is nearing the finalization of a treaty with Saudi Arabia, which would commit the US to assist in defending the Gulf nation. This agreement aims to foster diplomatic relations between Riyadh and Israel, according to a Wall Street Journal report citing US and Saudi officials.

This potential deal, anticipated by US and other officials for weeks, is part of a broader package. It includes a US-Saudi civil nuclear agreement, measures towards establishing a Palestinian state, and an end to the Israeli aggression in Gaza, where ceasefire efforts have repeatedly failed.

For the treaty, known as the Strategic Alliance Agreement, to be approved, it would need a two-thirds majority vote in the US Senate—a challenging threshold unless tied to Israeli-Saudi normalization.

The draft treaty, reportedly based on Washington’s mutual security pact with Japan, involves the US committing to defend Saudi Arabia if attacked. In return, the US would gain access to Saudi territory and airspace to protect its interests and regional partners.

Additionally, the treaty aims to strengthen Riyadh’s ties with Washington by preventing China from building bases or pursuing security cooperation with Saudi Arabia, as per officials cited by the Wall Street Journal.

The White House, the US State Department, and the Saudi embassy in Washington have not yet responded to requests for comment.

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